2.AUTHOR Coraddu-M, Nurchi-G-C, Floris-F, Meleddu-V.
INSTITUTION Division of Neurosurgery, Ospedale Civil, G. Brotzu, Cagliari, Italy.
TITLE Considerations about the surgical indication of the spontaneous cerebral haematomas.
SOURCE J-Neurosurg-Sci 1990 Jan-Mar, VOL: 34 (1), P: 35-9, ISSN: 0390-5616.


We analyzed 50 cases of spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage, some treated by surgery, some by medical therapy. Our opinion is that, practically, the neurologic picture is the safer guide, in the selection of the patients by treated with surgery therapy. We concluded that surgical treatment by evacuation of haematoma increased the percentage of survival of the comatose patients. We described, besides, the technic that we made use for the evacuation of the haematoma. Author.

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