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Malingering 1994 References 
3.AUTHOR  Resnick-P-J.
INSTITUTION  Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio. 
TITLE Defrocking the fraud: the detection of malingering.
SOURCE  Isr-J-Psychiatry-Relat-Sci 1993, VOL: 30 (2), P: 93-101, ISSN: 0333-7308 52 Refs.


The current investigation replicated the findings from a 1992 study by Millis. 20 subjects with claimed mild head injury who were seeking financial compensation obtained significantly lower scores on both subtests of the Recognition Memory Test than did 66 rehabilitation inpatients with documented moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries. The direct discriminant function derived by Millis was cross-validated on the current sample and yielded an improved over- all correct classification rate of 83%, with 85% and 82% of the mild and severe traumatic brain-injured subjects classified correctly, respectively. Over-all correct classification rate in the original study was 76%. Author. 

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