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Dr. John Limbert

Malingering 1994 References

1. AUTHOR Slick-D, Hopp-G, Strauss-E, Hunter-M, Pinch-D.
INSTITUTION Department of Psychology, University of Victoria, B.C., Canada.
TITLE Detecting dissimulation: profiles of simulated malingerers, traumatic brain-injury patients, and normal controls on a revised version of Hiscock and Hiscock's Forced-Choice Memory Test.
SOURCE J-Clin-Exp-Neuropsychol 1994 Jun, VOL: 16 (3), P: 472-81, ISSN: 0168-8634.

2. AUTHOR Millis-S-R, Putnam-S-H.
INSTITUTION Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit 48201.
TITLE The Recognition Memory Test in the assessment of memory impairment after financially compensable mild head injury: a replication.
SOURCE Percept-Mot-Skills 1994 Aug, VOL: 79 (1 Pt 2), P: 384-6, ISSN: 0031-5125.

3. AUTHOR Resnick-P-J.
INSTITUTION Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio.
TITLE Defrocking the fraud: the detection of malingering.
SOURCE Isr-J-Psychiatry-Relat-Sci 1993, VOL: 30 (2), P: 93-101, ISSN: 0333-7308 52 Refs.

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