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Medical Glossary
Chronic Pain 1998 - Article References & Abstracts

Volume 5, Issue 1 July 1999
Full text articles and references are available by subscription.


3 months after soft tissue injury, Independent Medical Examination of the client can no longer establish medical or legal causation of chronic pain

In chronic benign pain originating after soft tissue injury, causation is established by expert analysis of the pre-injury and post-injury medical records, not by examination of the client

Arguments between medical experts about the duration of healing from physical injury are irrelevant to chronic pain litigation

Components of Multidisciplinary Therapy

1. progressive muscular relaxation
2. goal setting
3. pacing
4. group cognitive therapy
5. pain education
.....a. physiology
.....b. pharmacology
6. progressive physiotherapy

Criteria for therapeutic success

1. improved mood
2. reduced catastrophising*
3. physical performance
4. overall function
5. use of drug treatment

*making mountains out of molehills

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