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E -Book: Medical Malpractice - Do I have a case?
  1. What is there to stop me suing?
  2. I was worse than before the treatment, so the doctor must have made a mistake - right?
  3. The doctor (or other caregivers) admitted he had made a mistake, so I am bound to win - right?
  4. I know there was so it is just a question of how much money I get - right?
  5. What are my chances of success?
  6. How long will the process take?
  7. How much will it cost?
  8. Won’t the lawyer cover my costs?
  9. How much money will I get?
  10. Will suing affect my healing and recovery?
For answers to these 10 questions purchase the E-Book.
Medical Malpractice - Do I have a case? $19.95 US
E-Book #1103
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After successful payment completion you will be returned to the download page when you can download the e-book. The username and password key to open the e-book will be e-mailed to you separately. If you do not receive your username and password key within 8 hours please contact . Please note that this Medical Litigation News e-book cannot be reinstalled more than 4 times and that printing of the article is restricted. Internet access is required to register and open the e-book.