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Malpractice Litigation
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1. AUTHOR Vincent-C, Young-M, Phillips-A.
INSTITUTION Academic Department of Psychiatry, St Mary's Hospital, London, UK.
TITLE Why do people sue doctors? A study of patients and relatives taking legal action (see comments).
SOURCE Lancet 1994 Jun 25, VOL: 343 (8913), P: 1609-13,
: 0140-6736. CM Comment in: Lancet 1994 Jun 25; 343(8913):1582-3; Comment in: Lancet 1994 Jul 23; 344(8917):268; Comment in: Lancet 1994 Jul 23; 334(8917) :268-9; Comment in: Lancet 1994 Jul 23; 344(8917):269.
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SOURCE N Engl J Med 1991 Jul 25;325(4):245-251.

3. AUTHOR Trine-W, Luvera-P.
TITLE Winning medical negligence cases.
SOURCE ATLA press, 1993,
ISBN 0-941916-53-7.

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TITLE Outcomes of medical-malpractice litigation.
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7. AUTHOR Antman-E-M, Lau-J, Kupelnick-B, Mosteller-F, Chalmers-T-C.
INSTITUTION Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA.
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8. AUTHOR Hekkenberg-R-J, Irish-J-C, Rotstein-L-E, Brown-D-H, Gullane-P-J.
INSTITUTION Department of Otolaryngology, Toronto Hospital, University of Toronto, Ontario. TITLE Informed consent in head and neck surgery: how much do patients actually remember?
SOURCE J-Otolaryngol 1997 Jun, VOL: 26 (3), P: 155-9,
ISSN: 0381-6605.

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