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Dr. John Limbert
Consulting Services

Terms of Service

The fees quoted are subject to revision upwards or downwards and full payment is due within 30 days of report preparation. In all Medical Malpractice Screening and Complex Personal Injury cases I require a retainer, currently of $802.50 ($750 plus GST). I provide services to potential litigants only through their lawyers. If the lawyer is unable to guarantee payment of fees, I require full prepayment.

Medical Malpractice Litigation

Complex Personal Injury

I undertake Analysis and Interpretation of medical records at my current hourly rate of $250 plus GST, and generally within the ranges for Medical Malpractice screening.

Expert Witness Recommendation

I research, locate, critique, speak with and recommend medical expert witnesses within your geographical parameters - local, provincial, national or international. This service is provided only after I have undertaken screening or review for analysis and interpretation as described above. For such recommendation my fee is $250 plus GST.

I can provide carefully crafted, forced-choice questions to increase the strength and focus of expert written opinions, and will review those opinions for both structure and content.

Other consulting services

Medical Literature Research - provision of references, abstracts and fulltext photocopies.

Cross-examination Enhancement - Phone Consultation


Medical Malpractice News and Personal Injury News (formerly Medical Litigation News), each bi-monthly newsletters providing digests of medical research relevant to the practice of Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury law, and published in print and Internet formats.